Couples Therapy

couples therapy


I have a special interest in working with couples. I have extensive training and supervision in several attachment based models specifically designed for working with couples on the Edmonton Therapy center that helps couples. They include 3 years with Stan Tatkin’s Psychobiological Attachment –based Couples Therapy, 4 years with David Mars working with AEDP for Couples and one year with Ellen Bader learning her Differentiation-Developmental model.

I have come to deeply believe that our “templates” for how relationships work and the corresponding beliefs about self and the world are formed early in childhood as we relate with our parents. (Current neuroscience supports this belief) These templates are activated as we move into primary, intimate attachment relationships in adulthood.

I can help you discover and understand these templates and become expert at assisting each other in managing stress and optimizing happiness together.

I can assist you in learning new ways to communicate and interact in safer and more satisfying ways.

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